Working in tandem with a professional Restaurant Broker such as Corbett Restaurant Group can mean the difference between just unloading your restaurant and selling it for the highest price and best terms possible. We can help you decide how to price your restaurant and how to best structure a deal so that it makes sense for both the buyer and the seller.

  • Specialization – We facilitate transactions in the Food & Beverage Industry only. Industry and market knowledge are critical, as Restaurant Brokers we are an excellent source of information and resources within the industry.
  • Confidentiality – We can sell your restaurant without making it known that your restaurant is for sale. We allow you to continue to run your restaurant while we screen out all of the less than serious and unqualified buyers. We work behind the scenes allowing you to operate your business uninterrupted until we bring your sale through to the close.
  • Access to Buyers – Corbett has built the largest network of buyers and Food & Beverage professionals in the state. Corbett is committed to growing our network every day which enables us to find the best and most qualified buyer for your business. As specialist in the Restaurant Industry we are speaking with buyers and sellers of restaurants, bars, cafes and nightclubs all day every day. Corbett’s specialization and expansive network of industry professionals often enables us to facilitate an “Off Market” transaction which allows us to put together a deal without having to market the business. Additionally the caliber and quality of our network is the highest in the industry. We screen and qualify all buyers and tenants. This screening is critical as is illustrated by this industry statistic. More than 80% of prospective buyers that call about a listing never purchase anything let alone the listing they called about.
  • Largest Restaurant Brokerage in Massachusetts
  • 60+ Years Of Restaurant Experience
  • Largest amount of Active Restaurant Opportunities in New England
  • Represented Independent, Regional & National Restaurant Brands
  • Over 10,000 Restaurant Industry Contacts
  • 15,000 Active Subscribers To Our Listings
  • Aggressive Marketing Team & Strategy leveraging the best technologies